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A completely free Unicode text and source code editor for Windows users

Rickard Johansson |
updated on July 15, 2024
54.4mb | free


Completely free for both personal and commercial use
Very customizable and user friendly UI
Supports syntax highlighting of all main programming languages
Auto-completion and automatic code manipulation makes the writing process easier
Integrated web browser tabs allow for convenient previewing


Best suited for web development and less for other projects
RJ TextEd
Price: $
Having a single editor for multiple purposes is a great advantage, especially if it allows you to edit source code written in different programming languages. There are several tools which can serve this purpose and RJ TextEd is a good example. The editor supports all of the common programming languages, and makes it easier for developers to view and edit code.

RJ TextEd is a freeware Unicode editor developed by Rickard Johansson, and can be used on Windows or on Linux by using the latest version of Wine. There are no paid versions of the software but you can consider donating to the developer. The design of the editor has been kept simple and many of its most useful features are available directly from within the main screen.

Such a user-friendly UI can really facilitate the development process. The editor also boasts an integrated browser preview option, making it a fast and efficient tool for testing out new changes in your web development projects. All HTML/CSS code you write can be previewed immediately in the integrated web browser tabs, with support for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

RJ TextEd is very customizable. If you prefer the minimalistic look, you can make it look like Notepad, or if you are accustomed to the Visual Studio look and feel you can also make it look like VS Code, etc. The editor otherwise supports programming languages such as C++, C#, Java, JavaScript; markup formats such as HTML and XML, or simple text files. Moreover, you can select between several languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, etc.) for the UI, and if needed also add in new dictionaries.

There are syntax highlighting templates available for almost every programming language. Highlighting template gets selected automatically based on the associated file extension, or you can also select it manually from the toolbar. If the highlighting is not available for certain programming languages, you can try looking in the Environment->Add-ons...->Highlighters menu, as there are many highlighting templates available in the tool which are not enabled by default.

Another great feature of this application is its ability to edit files side by side. If you're a developer then you know how important it is to have the ability to compare files side by side and make changes on the go. The application also provides auto-completion and color hints in order to help you write code faster. Integrated is also a file explorer and project manager in order to help you navigate the projects directly from the application.

RJ TextEd even allows you to edit remote files using FTP or SFTP protocol. This allows you to synchronously update files on the server where the files are hosted. Various other features of this application can also be found on the developer's website. All of the supported functionalities closely match the functionalities provided by Microsoft Visual Studio, without the burden of having to install a heavy IDE onto your system, as the application comes in a light download file, is easy to install and fast to use. It's the perfect editor, if you're a web developer.
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Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian,
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Japanese, Polish, Portuguese PT, Russian, Spanish, Swedish


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